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We believe that natural and fresh food is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to grow quality, nutritious products while regenerating our land and soils using permaculture techniques. We hope to build community and inspire others to grow and work towards a sustainable lifestyle that we can be proud to pass on to the next generation.

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Getting Back to Our Roots

Thanks for visiting Essence Homestead! My husband, Dustin, and I ~ plus our three little kids, love to call this 25 acre slice of Wester Wisconsin home.

After starting out our family in a small Wisconsin village, we quickly realized that we needed some land for these children to roam and grow up on. My breaking point may have been chasing my toddler through our neighbors' backyard, for the tenth time in a single afternoon. Once I caught my breath, I decided we needed to do everything in our power to get back to our roots and get in the country. We made the eager decision to make our 5 year home plan into, the quickest 3 year fixer upper push that we could manage. The day our third child was born, Dustin had to leave the hospital in order to let the flooring guys in to start working. People thought we were crazy .... maybe we were. BUT we finished the home renovation and had several full priced offers as soon as it hit the market! We then had the task of moving our family of five into a tiny two bedroom, basement apartment in a nearby town, while we started our search, for what we were calling, our "forever farm"!

Dustin and I both grew up in the county. He lived on 5 acres in a rural town where his family dabbled in a little bit of everything from horses and chickens to bees and dairy goats. I grew up on a few acres in the country, but had to head over to friends' houses to take horse riding lessons and beg to play with their miniature ponies. Horses ended up taking over my life. After years of lessons and saddle club shows, I ended up getting into 4-H ~ and that is where Dustin and I met. It was quite the gymkhana romance! 

When we started dating and making plans for our future, we thought for sure that horses would be at the center of our lives. For a few years he schooled and apprenticed to be a farrier. In that time I managed several horse farms, trying to figure out what kind of set up we would eventually like to build for ourselves. Turns out, managing a few barns is a great way to realize that boarding facilities really don't make enough money for the amount of time and work that is involved. In turn, our vision completely changed. I ended up getting a job at a greenhouse and landscape company, owned by family friends, and my world had forever changed...I fell in love with gardening!

It just so happend, that I started gardening right around the time I started having kids. It wasn't a far leap to dive into the world herbal/wild medicine. I was completely amazed by the fact that there were flowers that could help ease the pain of a child's ear ache. Bringing young kids up in this chaotic world was quite intimidating at first, but then Youtube happened to throw me a curve ball that I hadn't expected... Homesteading! 

Homesteading seemd to be that dream life we had been searching for. We knew we wanted to grow and preserve our own organic food, to learn to raise and hunt our own food, and currate some of our own medicine. We wanted to homeschool our kids and raise them up to have just morals, a memorable childhood and foster a great work ethic. We wanted to get back to our roots!

After hastily selling our home, we found ourselves in that tiny apartment, homestead dreaming, with a very long wishlist for our future property. We went and saw so many properties! Thank you, Aunt Carol (our realtor) for giving us all the grace, while we looked searched for an almost impossible dream in our price range! <3

......to be continued

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