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Winter on the Homestead

Winter on the homestead....

There is a lot of waiting, dreaming and work. We kicked off our winter with a broken boiler. Which resulted in us searching the wooded portions of our property looking for standing dead trees that we could chop and burn. If you haven't been in the woods of Wisconsin in the winter......all of the deciduous trees look dead! It ended up being quite the chore and some long nights stoking the fire. Though we successfully kept the pipes from freezing ~ and the kids were plenty warm. 😄

Winter is always full of surprises! This year our biggest surprise was getting involved in a local start-up, named, Local Choice Cooperative Producers. It is a group of local farmers that are working together to offer a CSA box filled with sustainably raised/produced local goods. Our contribution is going to be some great Essence Homestead Produce! Be on the look out if you are in the Menomonie, Wisconsin area as we will be launching in the coming weeks!

Needless to say, our weeks have been busy. I like to think of winter as a time of reflection and rest. The reality, is that our winters are filled with homeschool lessons, exploring the property, working on indoor projects, taking the kids on adventures away from the farm, dreaming up more plans for the property and cooking .....lots of cooking.

This winter has been a fun experience with using our own storage crops. We started this homestead with the intent of being able to, someday, grow or raise all of our own food. So far, I'm quite impressed with our potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, pumpkins and spaghetti squash. We have had a few losses but overall everything is keeping well and mid way through January we are still enjoying some freshly made pumpkin puree!

The days are slowly getting longer and we are slowly creeping in on seed starting season. I am excited to share this journey here on the blog and on our social media accounts. I hope to inspire at least one person to take power over their food choices and either support a local grower or give it a good old college try and grow some for yourself! It really isn't as difficult as you might think!

What are your winter days filled with?

Until Next Time!


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