• Abby Formanack

The Moment I Knew...

The moment I knew that a new fire was lit in my soul ~

This morning started out like every morning... I got my three kids set up with breakfast then headed outside to quickly feed all of the other tiny fur covered and feathered creatures, that depend on me to sustain their life. Being outside in the early morning with a bunch of animals that are excited to see you can be so peaceful. Add the sunrise, producing those perfect shades of pink and orange, to the moment … and let’s just say Mommy decided to stay outside in the peacefulness for an extra moment, before the chaos of another homeschool day started. Since we have just finished up all of the Thanksgiving festivities ~ this sense of thankfulness and gratitude for all that I had been blessed with was fresh in my heart and I was pondering how I got so lucky.

Knowing that a free range three year old boy was roaming my home with just his big brother and sister to keep him out of trouble ~ I figured I better get inside and get our day started. When I walked in, it took me a minute to even register what I was seeing. There my three year old is...sitting on the couch hiding under a blanket, and in front of him on the livingroom floor is an entire box of angel hair pasta scattered across the carpet. When I got closer I realized that every piece was snapped in several pieces giving the idea that someone may have, quite possibly, had a dance party on top of said spaghetti.

I am not sure I can even describe the feeling that I felt, I knelt down on the floor and just started crying as I began scooping up the broken noodles. You see, a couple days ago I had been doing some research for ‘Giving Tuesday’; I was trying to find a good organization that I could donate to. Being a gardener has made food incredibly important in my life. Seeing the lack of food that so many people experience is difficult to see and comprehend, when growing your own can be made so easy these days. In doing my research on the Feeding America and Feeding Wisconsin websites I found out some facts that simply broke my heart. I found out that there are almost three thousand KIDS in my own county that live in food insecure homes.

When I walked in and saw the noodles scattered on the dirty floor all I could do was cry, and think about how many people in my very own community could have used that box. My poor three year old didn’t know how to react, I am sure he thought I was mad at him. I was just completely overwhelmed with fact that this food could have been most of a meal for a family in need.

That very instant I knew that I wanted to use the only thing I really know how to do, gardening, in a way to bless some families that could really use the hand-up. I have decided that I will be using 2020 to create a community of people that want to grow food in a way to create their own food security and to build up their communities! Over the last few years I have had a number of people that reach out to me asking questions about gardening and preserving food ~ I love being able to share the bit of knowledge that I have. In the midst of a crazy growing season, however, it can be difficult for me to get back to everyone's questions, so I have created a Facebook Group (Essence Homestead Community) where I hope people of all gardening levels can come together with a common goal of growing food with intention.

If you want to join the group here is the LINK!

With this new fire lit in my soul I am looking forward to the slower season to plan and create this vision of community. I see so many other homesteaders sharing their abundance on social media ~ and I cannot wait to see what this community can create when we all work together to help solve a problem!

I challenge youto go to Feeding America's map and find out how many people in your area need help with food security!


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